Our Specialties

Quick Installation and Instant Start

Our Software can be quickly installed and connected with Tally. No TDL and No XML just one click to export to Tally.

Auto Fetch GSTIN using Party

This software allows you to auto-import party names from Tally based on their GSTIN and vice-versa.

Missing Ledger Detection

While exporting any data from excel to tally. Software first detects missing Ledgers. Missing Ledgers can be created with just one click.

Inbuilt Excel Tools and Utilities

Our tool is completely designed in Excel so that you can enjoy all the inbuilt tools and utilities of Excel, such as copy & paste, drag & drop, search & replace, filter and sort, use of formulas, and more.

Sheet Mapping

You can map your purchase, sales, and GST ledgers based on the tax rate & supply location. Once the mapping is done, you needn’t specify the purchase/sale ledger name for every voucher.

Online Support

Our dedicated customer service team addresses your queries and resolves issues quickly using remote desktop and other online support mechanisms.

Latest Technology

We built our tool using the latest technology that supports any computer hardware and some third-party software formats.

Fastest Import - No Competition

Using our software, you can import data from Excel to Tally in just two easy steps! First, select your file & map it with our software to show all your data. Next, validate & click to import your data in Tally.

Number 1 Excel To Tally Software

Our free-to-download software is fast to install and easy to use, guarantees 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction, and provides complete technical support.

Secured Financial Data

All your financial data for processing happens directly from your excel to tally, and its 100% secure, All the process happens on your local computer, so there is no upload, download to server is required.