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4 Reasons Why Companies Should Customize Their Invoices

4 Reasons Why Companies Should Customize Their Invoices

Invoices and the creativity with which they are designed to have grown by leaps and bounds. Invoices are a very important set of documents that can directly affect the good or bad performance of your business. This is mainly because an invoice is the last point of contact with the customer for most companies.

Most companies, when creating a custom invoice, focus on the creative aspect of invoices and ignore the content and the essential elements of the bill. Invoices have a purpose i.e ask the recipient to pay.

It is a document that not only asks the recipient to pay but goes one step further and makes the payment process easier for the customer. Many recent invoices have dynamic QR codes and digital signatures to make invoices easier to use.

Tally also helps create an invoice.

As a business management software, Tally allows you to configure some details on invoices. Each industry such as manufacturing, trade, retail, service, etc. has some unique terms for a transaction. To meet these conditions, users frequently adjust their tally invoices.

First, let’s understand the requirement of a single invoice in the industry –

  • Manufacturing invoice –

The manufacturing industry consists of a large number of companies.

Companies in the manufacturing industry may have different requirements and therefore different invoices. On average, manufacturing invoices have an additional column that indicates the weight of the products sold. 

Some manufacturers may wish to add other components to the final product. Likewise, different manufacturers may want different columns and details on their commercial invoices.

·  Apparel Industry –

In the apparel industry, tally users need a unique column of clothing sizes like small, medium, large, etc. on your invoice.

These columns may be available on tally calculations if you customize your tally calculation.

·  Automotive –

Invoices in the automotive industry require you to provide complete transaction and product information. As such, Tally must have custom invoices with dedicated sections for information such as VIN, battery, and more.

·  Export Industry –

Additional to the normal details, the export industry has to mention many other details on their invoices. This includes container number, package details, product description, and much more.

You can also edit the supporting documents required for the export. These changes can be made through Tally’s invoice personalization.

Now that we understand the scope and application of invoice personalization, let’s understand why businesses should personalize their invoices –

·  More transparency

Standard invoices often only contain the most important information that most companies use. Tally generates a standard invoice with some flexibility.

Everything else is considered secondary and therefore any requirements beyond the available billing options will require you to customize your bills.

When the terms of the transaction are clearly defined, there is more clarity and transparency between the buyer and seller.

·  Greater trust

When there is transparency and clear terms of the transaction, the customer feels a sense of trust toward the seller. And once a customer trusts a company, the cost of retaining that particular customer drops drastically.

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