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Tally Tips & Tricks for 2022

Tally Tips & Tricks for 2022

You can have the best software and still be inefficient. The main purpose of any software is to make your work easier and improve your efficiency. Tally is also used to increase the efficiency of a company. Learning Tally’s best tips and tricks is a great way to ensure that you not only use the software efficiently but also do your job faster and smarter.

There are many Tally tips and tricks we’ll see. more on this blog. These tips and tricks apply to both Tally.

ERP 9 and TallyPrime. From the most common tricks to some lesser-known tricks that you as a tally user can use to improve your tally game.


Everyone knows how Tally allows you to do manual backups from time to time. Many Tally users opt for automatic backup system hack to save their precious time and enable more efficient system-based backup instead of manual backup. 

Tally and other software

Companies use different software for different purposes. It becomes important that the software is collaborative. Tally is also collaborative as it allows you to export data. To import data into the tally, you can use  Excel to tally import utility. Allows easy transfer of data from Excel to Tally.

Tally Access

Tally is a very secure and reliable business management software. Therefore, by default, it can only be accessed offline. Nowadays too many users need to tally online or tally in the cloud and therefore tally can be used online as well.

Scan documents

Digital documents save many resources such as storage space, processing time, printing, and other expenses. One trick to avoiding the expense of these expenses is to digitally sign documents and share documents online. In this way, you can save a lot of resources just by replacing a paper copy of the documents with an electronic copy using the digital signature. 

MIS Report Generator

Generating reports from time to time is a must for all businesses.

It is part of the routine checks to control sales and business expenses. Such reports are often referred to as MIS reports. These reports are primarily Excel-based and require tally data. To create these reports, you need to take data from Tally and then enter it into Excel. This entire process can be avoided by automatically creating the entire Excel-based report with tally data and tally sheet magic.

Audit Trail

When multiple users work with Tally, it becomes difficult to determine exactly which user performed which activity. You can use the built-in tally function to create a complete audit trail of all user actions. This feature is ideal for companies with multiple tally users. You can also use this function in Tally.ERP 9.

Visit Audit Trail of Deleted Coupon History to learn more.

Voucher Type Level Security

If all tally data is available to any tally user, there is a high possibility that the data will be stolen or misused. A trick to deal with this problem is to assign user rights to each user based on their job role. With this tally hack, you can keep your data free from corruption and mismanagement.

Audit efficiency

Probably document management and document retrieval. As an accountant, it becomes difficult to ensure that all transaction-related and supporting documents are stored systematically and to be able to retrieve them when needed. A trick to avoid this extra work is to scan the documents and save them along with the transaction. This allows the examiner or others to easily review the entries without having to retrieve the physical documents.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be simplified and easily managed by printing barcodes and labels on the till. The barcode makes using Tally for inventory maintenance a breeze. A tip for creating labels is to use tally labels and barcode printing.

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