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Tally Prime Shortcuts Key in Reports

Tally Prime Shortcuts Key in Reports

ActionsKey ShortcutsEquivalent Key in Tally.ERP 9
To insert a voucher in a reportAlt+IAlt+I
To create an entry in the report, by duplicating a voucherAlt+2Alt+2
To drill down from a line in a reportEnterEnter
To delete an entry from a reportAlt+DAlt+D
To add a voucher in a reportAlt+AAlt+A
To remove an entry from a reportCtrl+RAlt+R
To hide or show the details in a tableAlt+TAlt+T
To display all hidden line entries, if they were removedAlt+UCtrl+U
To display the last hidden line (If multiple lines were hidden, pressing this shortcut repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first and follow the sequence)Ctrl+UAlt+U
To expand or collapse information in a reportShift+EnterShift+Enter
To alter a master during voucher entry or from drill-down of a reportCtrl+EnterCtrl+Enter
To select/deselect a line in a reportSpace barSpace bar
To select or deselect a line in a reportShift+Space barShift+Spacebar
To perform linear selection/deselection multiple lines in a reportShift+Up/DownNone
To select or deselect all lines in a reportCtrl+Space barCtrl + Alt + A
To select or deselect lines till the endCtrl+Shift+EndCtrl+Shift+End
To select or deselect lines till the topCtrl+Shift+HomeCtrl+Shift+Home
To invert selection of line items in a reportCtrl+Alt+ICtrl+Alt+I

Direct Keys

Accounting Vouchers

ActionLocation in TallyPrimeEquivalent in Tally.ERP 9
To open Contra voucherF4F4
To open Payment voucherF5F5
To open Receipt voucherF6F6
To open Journal voucherF7F7
To open Sales voucherF8F8
To open Purchase voucherF9F9
To open Credit NoteAlt+F6Ctrl+F8
To open Debit NoteAlt+F5Ctrl+F9
To open Contra voucherF4Accounting VouchersF4
To open Payment voucherF5Accounting VouchersF5
To open Receipt voucherF6Accounting VouchersF6
To open Journal voucherF7Accounting VouchersF7
To open Stock Journal voucherAlt+F7Inventory VouchersAlt+F7
To open Physical StockCtrl+F7Inventory VouchersAlt+F10
To open Sales voucherF8Accounting VouchersF8
To open Delivery NoteAlt+F8Inventory VouchersAlt+F8
To open Sales OrderCtrl+F8Order  VouchersNone
To open Purchase voucherF9Accounting VouchersF9
To open Receipt NoteAlt+F9Inventory VouchersAlt+F9
To open Purchase OrderCtrl+F9Order VouchersNone
To open Credit NoteAlt+F6Accounting VouchersCtrl+F8
To open Debit NoteAlt+F5Accounting VouchersCtrl+F9
To open Payroll voucherCtrl+F4Payroll VouchersNone
To open Rejection In voucherCtrl+F6Inventory VouchersCtrl+F6
To open Rejection Out voucherCtrl+F5Inventory VouchersAlt+F6
To view list of all vouchersF10VouchersNone
To mark a voucher as Post-DatedCtrl+TRight buttonCtrl+T
To autofill detailsCtrl+FRight buttonCtrl+A
To change mode – open vouchers in different modesCtrl+HRight buttonCtrl+V (As Voucher mode)
Alt+I (As Invoice mode)
To open the Stock Query report for the selected stock itemAlt+SRight buttonAlt+S
To mark a voucher as OptionalCtrl+LRight buttonCtrl+L

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