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How to View GSTR-2 Report in TallyPrime

How to View GSTR-2 Report in TallyPrime

  • GSTR-2 can be found through the Tally Gateway > Display More Reports > Statutory Reports > GST Reports.
  • Alternately, you can hit Alt+G (Go To), type GSTR-2, or choose it, and then press Enter.
  • Change the report period by pressing F2 (Period).
  • For a detailed breakdown of: press Alt+F5
  • For B2B invoicing, taxable purchases and purchases with a reverse charge.
  • nil-rated invoices for composition, exempt, nil-rated and non-GST supplies.
  • Ctrl+B (Basis of Values): Depending on the specific business requirements for that instance, you can modify the values in your report.
  • You can allow a tax disparity in the GSTR-2 Report. To enable the Allow Tax Value Difference upto option, press Ctrl+B (Basis of Values). To view the default values, press Esc.
  • Set Actual tax versus calculated tax similarly: You can include the relevant vouchers based on the permissible tax difference value.
  • Greater: The returns contain vouchers whose actual (transaction) value exceeds the value computed.
  • Larger or less than: Vouchers that have a transaction value that is greater or less than the calculated amount are included in the returns.
  • Lesser: The returns include vouchers whose actual (transaction) value is less than the value computed.
  • Ctrl+H (Change View): You can display a report’s details in various views with extra information or for a certain time period. Associated reports with the present report are also available for viewing.
  • Press Ctrl+H (Change View) > type or pick Status-wise Report > press Enter to view the Status Wise report for GSTR-2. To read the default report, press Esc.
  • Ctrl+J (Exception Reports): Without dismissing the current report, you can inspect the exceptions connected to the data provided there by hitting Ctrl+J (Exception Reports).
  • Press Ctrl+E (Exception Reports) > Voucher Accepted as Valid> and enter to display the GSTR-2 report’s voucher accepted as valid. To read the default report, press Esc.

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