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How do I export data from Tally to Excel?

How do I export data from Tally to Excel?

Go to the tally screen you wish to export to Excel first, such as the daybook, ledger, trial balance, etc.

Then use Alt+E to export the option, then Backspace to pick the alternatives;

  • You can export data from Tally into the following formats: a) ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange, comma delimited); b) Excel (what we use regularly) c)HTML (for web) d) JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group, the picture format) You can choose the format of your choice from the following options: Excel, PDF, and XML (extensible markup language, for the web).
  • Export Location: is the location or path where the exported excel file will be stored; here, you can input or copy and paste the path/folder location, such as my documents, d: etc. Typically, the default path would be E: Tally.ERP9.
  • Output file name: You can type the file’s name and, if you choose, its extension (e.g., daybook.xls, daybook.xlsx, 01022016.xlsx, etc.).
  • Name of the output sheet: Excel comes with three default sheets, and you can select the name of the sheet for your exported or output file.
  • Update an existing file: If you are exporting data to the same file a second or subsequent time, choose yes; doing so will allow the file to update with new data.
  • Open exported file: check the box to open the exported file automatically without visiting the folder specified by the above-mentioned path.
  • As you use in the tally, export to different report locations.

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