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Top Features of Fast In Flow- Excel to Tally Software

Top Features of Fast In Flow- Excel to Tally Software

Instant Start and Simple Installation

It takes little time to setup and link our software to Tally. One click is all it takes to export to Tally without using TDL or XML.

Ledger Missing Detection

Any time you export data from Excel to Tally. Software finds missing Ledgers first. One click can be used to produce Missing Ledgers.

Sheet Mapping

Based on the tax rate and supply region, you can map your buy, sales, and GST ledgers. Once the mapping is complete, each voucher no longer requires the purchase/sale ledger name to be specified.

Latest Technology

The most recent technology, which is compatible with all computer hardware and several third-party software formats, was used to build our product.

Number 1 Excel To Tally Software

Our programme is available for free download, is quick to install, simple to use, and comes with full technical assistance. We also guarantee 100% accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Auto Fetch GSTIN using Party

With the use of this programme, party names from Tally can be automatically imported depending on their GSTIN and vice versa.

Inbuilt Excel Tools and Utilities

Our application is entirely created in Excel, allowing you to take advantage of all of its built-in features, like copy and paste, drag and drop, search and replace, filter and sort, usage of formulas, and more.

Online Support

Using remote desktop and other online assistance tools, our committed customer service team swiftly responds to your questions and handles problems.

Fastest Import – No Competition

With the help of our software, importing data from Excel to Tally only takes two simple clicks! Select your file first, then use our software to map it to display all of your data. Then click to import your data into Tally after validating it.

Secured Financial Data

There is no need for an upload or download to a server because all of your financial data is processed straight from Excel to Tally and is therefore 100 percent safe.

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