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Introduction of "Excel to Tally"

Introduction of “Excel to Tally”

It is possible to import data from MS Excel or MS Excel Accounting Masters or financial accounting records into Tally Accounting Software via the data migration method known as Excel to Tally.

For instance, if you want to import Masters to Tally Ledger Accounts, Inventory/Stock/Items, Sub-Groups, Price level, Cost centers, etc. from Excel.

Alternatively, you can import entries from Excel to tally, for instance, sales, purchases, sales returns, purchase returns, with and without inventory, journals, payments, receipts, etc.

Everyone is aware. If billing and accounting are both feasible in Tally, why is Excel to Tally Import necessary?

Almost everyone in business uses a variety of billing software depending on their needs and requirements,

For instance, FMCG distributors and dealers or auto dealers offer their billing software to distributors and dealers for invoicing. Big organizations utilize ERP or SAP, while e-commerce sellers use their online portal for billing.

Businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, or schools, colleges, and educational institutions use specially designed software for billing or invoicing.

Malls, pharmaceutical and medical retailers, traders, and shops use a variety of billing software for invoices, some of which also have accounting features. Tally is preferred by Chartered Accountants (CA) for accounting.

All of these companies that do not use Tally have extremely large entry volumes, ranging from 1000 to 15000 or even more in a single month.

Therefore, making all of these entries manually in Tally is a challenging operation that takes a lot of time, and there are several opportunities for error. Data from Excel has to be imported into Tally to replace this manual labor and ensure correctness.

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