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Using formulas in Excel Sheet

Using formulas in Excel Sheet

Using Excel Formulas, you may import your Excel data like magic. Simply map your existing Excel sheet’s columns using EA4 Templates; you don’t need to make any other changes. You can import calculated data while mapping your sheet with EA4 templates by using Excel formulas in the column names.

excel formulas

The following table demonstrates how formulas can be used to their fullest potential when loading data into templates.

Sr No.DescriptionExcel Formula
1Importing computed columns is feasible. =a1*12.5/100
2The value may be taken from one or more source sheet columns. =(a1-b1+c1) *12.5/100
3import of conditional values from the source sheet =if(a1>0,c1,d1)
4To obtain a computed string column, use formulas.Bill number: & d1
5Rounding to two decimal places =round(a1,2)
6Using the most recently used cell, automatically populate vacant columns Possible using “Go to special” option with select “Blanks” command
7Use a relative address and an absolute cell to calculate. Each cell will have the value of cell b100 added. =a1+b100
8Getting value using the offset formula =Offset(a1,0,-1)
9For absolute addresses, use the sum formula. =SUM(“A1:D1”)
10Using the relative address sum formula =SUM(“A1:D1”)
Above are some examples, but you can use ALL formulas available in excel
Some point to remember while using formulas to import data from source sheet to EazyAUTO4 Template
1Use “#” for relative row numbers like a#,b#…
2Use absolute cell address like A10,B25… to calculate using absolute address…
3DO NOT start WITH ‘=’ sign

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