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How to Import Payroll Vouchers

How to Import Payroll Vouchers

1. Prepare Excel

  • Prepare the excel file in accordance with the Excel Formats.
  • Ensure that all mandatory columns are filled up in excel files.

2. Load Excel and Analyze Data

  • Tally ODBC may be used to connect ‘Fast In Flow- Excel to Tally’.
  • Navigate to the “Accounts Vouchers” menu and choose the “Payroll” form.
  • Select the prepared excel file and click the “Load Excel” button (at the bottom of the screen).
  • If the excel file does not load and an error message appears, see the Lists of Common Errors for resolution.
  • To analyse the loaded data, use Data Grid features like as filtering, searching, and grouping.

3. Verify Masters and Configuration

  • To check the presence of linked masters of the voucher, click the Verify Masters button (at the bottom of the screen).
  • (For example, ledgers, cost center’s, stock items, godowns, units, voucher types, and so on may be validated, and missing masters can be automatically constructed.)
  • To pick the default voucher type and further parameters, click the Configuration button (upper right of the grid).

4. Upload to Tally

  • To tally, upload either all or selected vouchers now.
  • Now click the “Upload to Tally” button to immediately upload information into Tally (Use the check box on the left side of the data grid).

5. Verify Import Status

  • Details about imported records may be seen in the Import Process, Log, and Report.
  • After the upload is complete, users must review and verify the Tally.

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